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Crystal Report Creation and Customization Service



This is a solution for customers who want the benefits of using customized reports with PDExpress, but do not have the time to learn how to use the Crystal Report Design software.


How does it work?

Lucid’s customers review their need for a new or customized report with Pestro Consulting, LLC. After an initial consultation, Pestro Consulting provides a quote based on the scope of work. If accepted, the customer signs off on the proposal and issues a purchase order in the amount of the quote. Once the purchase order is received, Pestro Consulting creates or customizes the report and delivers it to the customer. The customer verifies that the report works per the proposal and signs off on an “Acknowledgement of Services Rendered” form.  Pestro Consulting then invoices for the actual time spent.


How much does it cost?

This service is quoted on an hourly basis at a rate of $95/hour with a minimum two-hour charge per project.


What if my requirements change after the report is delivered?

Pestro Consulting, LLC will revise the report and invoice the customer for the additional time spent. If this situation is likely, we recommend issuing the purchase order for an amount slightly higher than the original quote to accommodate changes that were not included in the original scope of work.



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